Mood Stats

Mood Stats 5.3

Keep track of your daily mood


  • Mood barometer
  • Track your feelings on a monthly graph


  • No space for detailed diary entries

Not bad

If you're unfortunate enough to suffer from depression or some kind of mood disaster then it's a good idea to keep a daily of how you're feeling in order to keep on top of things.

All of us experience highs and lows in life and Mood Stats provides a useful way of tracking your feelings on a day-to-day basis.

The Palm application contains a simple diary and a mood barometer, allowing you to take brief notes on your day and record your mood from 'very happy' to 'very sad'.

The main view makes it dead easy to tap in your information and the program contains bar graphs for monitoring the ups and downs over the course of a month.

As a simple note-taker, Mood Stats performs pretty well. However, it doesn't contain the right functionality for making a detailed diary, and you'll only be able to make one entry per day, so you can't really track your mood over the course of a day.

Use Mood Stats to keep track of your daily mood. View your mood data on both daily and monthly charts. Mood Stats is a useful tool for people suffering from depression and other mood disorders.

It is also helpful if you just want to track how you feel on a daily basis. Supports both monochrome and color devices. Also fully supports Palm OS 5.

Mood Stats


Mood Stats 5.3

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